Studio Wanda Madrid

A space designed by a woman so that women who enjoy sadomasochism can freely develop their perversions and fantasies. Studio Wanda Madrid is unique, spacious, and fully equipped with everything a dominant woman needs. Because at Studio Wanda, women rule. Sophistication and safety have always been and will always be of utmost importance at Studio Wanda. Every single detail has been taken care of and the results are simply spectacular.

Female Domination (FemDom)

At Studio Wanda Madrid, it is clear that there are many forms of domination as female dominants. Equally there are many ways to enjoy ourselves as women. However, we share a common passion and the desire to enjoy our perverse tendency called FemDom. At Studio Wanda Madrid, we, the women, are the ones who will make sure that our own wishes and fantasies come true.

Male submission

Wanda is a space which has been specially designed to subdue, dominate and enjoy your submissive, masochistic or tranformist condition. The Resident Mistresses at Wanda will take care of your education, and tame your eager sexuality. Get ready to receive the best lesson of your life, to suffer and serve a real Dominatrix. You have no escape, you have already reached the end of the path.

A safe space

Wanda Studio is a place where the privacy, intimacy and safety of our visitors is guaranteed. There is a series of commitments, obligations and prohibitions in place to protect the privacy and anonymity of everyone. For example, names are not logged. All video recording devices, photographic equipment and mobile devices are strictly prohibited. Hygiene is guaranteed as all objects are disinfected chemically and where possible, disposed of.